How does one figure out the #1, if there is no # involved?

If they never figure out the "#1", will they ever figure out the "#2"?:D

I've been pondering this one for years...

"If is is is, is not is not is not?"

Play with different'll drive you nuts... :D

If I am am am, Then I'm Not Not Not, a nut!, or am I Not? :D

If I am am am, Then I'm Not Not Not, a nut!, or am I Not? :D

Syntax error....unable to compile...:)

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Old forgotten dreams never come true.:(

Cloudy and yet quite clear, I become a day in my life.

Yogi was a smart yoda since last I talked to him, he said something as "...for bright is'..".

Without a bud's light, I may be left in the dark forever; for I am lighter.less.

"NOW or NEVER". Do it right NOW, OR it can be done NEVER..

How far does one have to go to get nowhere?

Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

The more we move forward...
...the more it gets complicated

The more we move backward ..
The more we fall behind.. :P

Ignorance can sometimes be a blessing. The less you know, the less problems you have to think of. Nevertheless, never underestimate the power and cost of ignorance

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"Overcoming a weakness is an achievement, strengthening strengths is a task, balancing both is a challenge."

Forever isNot eternity and eternity does Not last forever.

A goo"g<>d"iggle has it's ow"w<>n"orth.

Don't bother to hate, hate to bother.:D

Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.
Albert Einstein

If A=#1 Then I have to drop the B-Bomb and lighten my day.:D

It will never be the same, If I continue to have the same issues.

Should I let others know that I played w/myself today? Hmm...

Endless possibilities will only leave someone stranded.

If someone farts in your shoe and you wear that shoe, will your foot smell like poop?:-/

" Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them. " - Francesco Guicciardini

A cup is not empty.
Protect life as you protect the dead.
Why.t.f. does youtube block my youtube.mp3.downloader on certain songs?

On a clear path to a landing, I fly my thoughts in for the runways. With smoke.clouds in my.sight and no radar, I start loosing .Focus, for I have been wounded.(Red Tails (2012)).defined.

-always organize your schedule if you want more time doing nothing

Laughter within the two sides, is laughter for all sides.