Hey guys! We are starting new PPC/CPA network called VertaMedia (www.vertamedia.com), registration for a beta has been already opened. I would like you to look through our website and tell your opinions/thoughts/proposals. We have a range of respected partners, so this company has a big potential I guess. What bids do you expect on which kind of traffic? What other tools do you recommend? I will appreciate all your answers. Thanks:)

As an advertiser, I expect to get value for my advertising dollars.
I guess the question is not how much you should charge, but what value you are prepared
to offer in terms on targeted traffic that converts well.

Rest assured if you can guarantee high quality traffic to your customers you will be able to charge pretty much any amount per click.

Think Google; they can afford to charge up to $90.00 per click on certain keywords because of the quality of the clicks. Contrast that with some so-called "big" networks whose traffic does not convert.

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