A God of Lightning has struck the world recently, and from his doings, our Avengers have risen.
Teach to protect the family of others and do not teach to destroy the ones within your family.
If I had freedom of typing as I have freedom of speech, I would have a new amendment.

My second email to the White House in this lifetime(sent a few minutes ago), contained this thought.

As thoughts may go and if shared, they can spread wings and lead to new places.

.should have actually been "As tots may go and...", though I had to be politically incorrect, for I am IT.

As prophecies have been fortold of great collisions after the birth of a new generation, I am for telling you this now: Jesus and the Holy Grail xD has never occured, since reapings of the loved ones has not occured as well; though for the Mayans and 2012, Judgement Day is what has won this world's faith, since we humans will forever lead where someone as God has forgotten to lead .us.
Find a flaw in on'es doings and your are full of flaws yourself.
To make the world spin, we have to do Nothing, for it already spins.
In IT, Nothing is part of a line of code. In the world, Nothing is meaningless.
Drawing the lines of the past are to only be drawn with great insight.
For our future to remain strong, we have to strengthen ourselves first, and sharing our thoughts with the world is a great start.
Petals of shoes are forever a grace.
To win the millions of this world, you have to become the lottery.
For 2012, life has offered me plenty though not enough, especially since 2012 is still not half way there.
The new energy for America, is this.forum's Thoughts of the Day.
Only salut the ones of honor, for they are beyond honorable.
Being secretive is being protective, though it is not being honest.
Fear seen in the eyes of others is also fear seen in your eyes.
Shall I welcome your heart into mine or shall I not remember how to welcome?
Foreign lands offer .us the only difference this world can offer.
commented: Comon, one full page of posts from codeorder (in less than hour) is "too much of the good thing" +0
Tough dames are tough dames, though broader broads are?...
Without a giggle here and there, a tot, I mean thought, might be lost.
Collisions with this world from unknown matter, does happen a lot more than 99.9% of the world knows of.
What's a "matter" with you, if no matter anywhere to be found?
Without a Firefox, I am without the heat I need to remain alive.
A special offer is not as special if you are special.
If you choose to die tomorrow, a year from now you will wish that you were alive, for suicide only leads "down" one path.
Without a country to have God's back, we might not have a God today.
Without a God, our world today would be in a different life's story. Without life, our God would be story less.
Ancient ruins of the past are a reminder for us today; that everything created by life, will eventually turn to ruins.

.recent down.vote noticed since my "5th Element(beta)" project crashed:

Comon, one full page of posts from codeorder (in less than hour) is "too much of the good thing"

If too much of a good thing only happens once, is it really a bad thing?

.btw, you're lucky you're from Finland and Not .us, or I'd down vote a few of your posts for a good.reason, Not a good."thing". :)