To open a door to another dimension, is to open someone else's safe.door.

.note to God: When did you turn retarded? Just wondering since there is still a world left and I'm living in it.

Any sufficiently advanced technology will eventually be used as a cat toy.

"When GOD pushes you to edge of difficulty,Trust him fully, Bcoz Only two things can happen--Either he will catch you when you fall or He will teach you how to fly..."

Fear the glare of my sun no more, for it has grown.

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What would codeorder do if this thread was never created?

What would codeorder do if this thread was never created?

I would not help out with the Thoughts of the Day, Nothing Else.

Be bold, be creative and wonder what to do spiritually beyond 2012, for no known prophecies occur beyond this year, says so part of a world.

Whatever happens happens

Clear a day and clear a.way.

Why follow the ways of someone if they only follow one path and are blind?

If the world owes a debt, then why do I have "their?" headache?

Respect and honor the ones close to you and care not about the one close to them.

If I were a God and would have to wash away the world's sins, Greed would be at the top of the list and Nothing Else following; somewhat deadly for a world full of sinners.

Monks of deception are part of a deceptive religion.

Sounds to my heart from my heart to yours, beat like the rain drops on a distant drum.

I don't need to be p.ssed off all day for no God dam.n reason, worthless sh.t anyways.

Forget Nothing and Format Everything.

I don't need to be p.ssed off all day for no God dam.n reason, worthless sh.t anyways.

bad day ?

bad day ?

Just stating fact, Nothing Else. :)

If you knew for a fact that they beat, rape, and kill kids in heaven, then keep them in hell for 10 years with no God given reason, and you had the option to accept or not, would you accept it anyways? What if one of those kids was you, would you still accept?

The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back. ~Author Unknown

Some things are beautiful because they cannot be obtained

Life is rushing fast and in that we are unaware that it is leading us to death

Think of nothing before saying anything and you will say nothing about everything?.

To have never cared that you previously lived before getting, is as having lived a worthless life, and as you, this Thought of the Day has never existed.

Why continue to speak if no one ever cared or will ever care about what you have said or will have to say?

If you ever had anyone or anything to blame, God should be at the top of the list of suspects to blame.

Wake up to a beautiful thought of the day, shared from a distant part of the world, and wake up to...

The greatest retirement of all, is being retired from life it's self.

Freedom is freedom, thus when it comes to invading someone's personal fantasies, you are invading their soul, not their personal life. From someone in .us, to someone around .us, respect a soul more than a dream.