To keep a beat, this world beholds the Heart of the Universe, eternally.mine As.well.
In life, someone must behold the, and if it isn't me, it is someone As.Me.
To not be forgotten by someone as .Me, you have to live for them, even if from a distance.

I will never reach my potential because once my goal is attained, my potential expands! 46 & 2 is just ahead of me.

Defined by Nothing other than Love,...
If you ever needed something to never forget, forget Nothing.
One thing to do and never Redo, is Undo the...
In a, we are the universal.soldiers.
Fail never.again and prior to...
If a dot can .Split, then a dot can also connect.
Why wait for eternity when there is no time in reality to wait with?
There's always going blood on .My hands and Not yours, that's just .Me though.
If .Me = Life and .My = Universal, then what is the <i>? in for?

Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof - unless you're an embedded systems developer.

I f-ing hate trying to print even the simplest of reports in VB 2010.

If you can stand by .Me, for .Me, then step into yesterday's tomorrow as I did today, and stone a world, not a human.
Dropped from life's last line of defense into a world of mayhem,...
Without reason for an answer, I ask you this, where does one go from .Now to .Infinity?
If you can find the key to .Me, open your mind to your soul and close your mind to your doubt.
Love .Me or .Not, be forever grateful for what someone as .Me has done and will do for someone as .You.
Without a way to find the day.light, I continue to search blindly in the ?.light.
I ask not to be forgiven, I only ask for no answer.

Whate'er they fail to guard, o'er lips men guard should keep;
If not, through fault of tongue, they bitter tears shall weep
-- thiruvalluvar
Meaning:Whatever besides you leave unguarded, guard your tongue; otherwise errors of speech and the consequent misery will ensue.

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Wealth of wealth is wealth acquired be ear attent;
Wealth mid all wealth supremely excellent.
-- thiruvalluvar
* Meaning: Wealth (gained) by the ear is wealth of wealth; that wealth is the chief of all wealth *

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For a Monday, there is no

Using VB2010's print document object to produce reports is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Well, on second thought .....