News to .Me is news for .Me, and it's all your news, not mine.

Not a single thing can destroy a double life.

It's the space between people that makes a relationship

If there is just one thing that I have not done in .My lifetime, it is a dirty.sock.

.death for your eyes only, lies on each and every billboard.

In exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, I define the of communication.

If I were certain that unidentified individuals were at my computer's throat instead of mine's, I would become "anonymous" for no reasons other than to be at my computer's throat with those "unidentified" individuals, for "".

Only thing beyond.reality, is .Me, "If" .Me = Life in your life, Then nut .Me, don't stone .Me to .Death.

"If" Life is questionable, then question.Me.

Beyond reality's view, lies only .death, .ae.nd Nothing Else.

If a world could cry, Then it just did.

If I had to carry the world's weight on my shoulders, then I would not bother with "IT".

For the slaves .Me; from the beginning of a new Day, the slaves within our lives, have been and still are, misjudged.

If I were a slave and came from the time of slavery, I would misspell on a test also.

If I were a slave and never had a problem with reponsibilities, would I still misspell the Meaning of Life?

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.
--Swami Vivekananda

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The big trouble with today's kids are far too many of them are like the way I was.

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I had a recent exchange with a user. He had posted a lengthy snippet of code as a proposed solution to a question. The code was undocumented and uncommented so I replied that adding some comments might make the mechanics of the code clearer. His response was "I did not realize that it was a requirement of this site to post fully documented code." Clearly there was some disconnect between what I requested and what he thought I requested. It reminded me of a favourite saying from my dad

There is a difference between scratching your [backside] and ripping it to shreds.

"Between wanting and achieving is living."

I am not quite sure of this though. I have seen this somewhere but can't remember the way it is exactly in words. :D

Living and Dying is the same for everyone, not just for a Day.

Between now and later, lies the spoken end.

When I remind myself of .something., I remind myself of a previously introduced .death in .My life.

Without the .Love of this.World, even if just a crumb, I would have crumbled a long time ago.

If you ever face anyone, even a God, fake or Not, keep your chin up.

If none other as .Me prior to the only Day, then possibly none other as .Me following the .death of this Knight.

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"Without vision, the people perish, and Lo! and Behold! we have received exactly that: a vision of the people perishing." -Dave H.

When life's got you down, just remember: You could be fixing someone else's poorly-written code in a language you barely understand.
And if you are, well, you have my sympathy.

And almost as bad is facing a report program that has to be done using MS's graphics objects. But even that is preferable to Crystal Reports.

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If "to each their own" means that "it is none of my business of what other people think", xOr of Me/others, Then "I am my own".

With Nothing to begin .My Day, I start here".".