Who likes solving riddles? i love those ones in which when you find the correct answer you just feel soo stupid... lol

why don't we try each other with some?

here you go with the first one:

Imagine you are in a room with 3 switches. In an adjacent room there are 3 bulbs (all are off at the moment), each switch belongs to one bulb. It is impossible to see from one room to another. How can you find out which switch belongs to which bulb, if you may enter the room with the bulbs only once?

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riddles are awesome
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Switch one light on and off continually until you hear the "pop" of the bulb blowing due to stress.
Switch one of the other ones on.

Go into the room, and observe
- an unlit bulb
- a lit bulb
- a burnt out bulb

Google also works ;)


Have a confederate with a cell phone move the switches while you watch the bulbs and listen to what he did on your cell phone.

How do you get down off an elephant?


The answer he's looking for is probably this:

1. Label the switches A, B, and C.
2. Turn on switch A for about five minutes, then turn it off.
3. Turn on switch B.
4. Go into the other room.

Look at three lights. One of them is on, this belongs to switch B. One of them is off, but will be warm to the touch. This belongs to switch A. The last one, which is cool to the touch, belongs to switch C.

And last I checked, down came off of feathered creatures, not elephants.

If you want to start with riddles, then why not go restart the Riddle Game in the posting games subforum?



A little girl about 5 is affraid of the monster under her bed. She believes that the monster can not get her while she is in bed or the light is on. Her bed is 4 metres away from her light switch. She manages to turn the light off and jump into bed before it goes dark. How is this possible?


ok... try this one...

grab a piece of paper and draw VII = I ...

move one stick to make that statement true (saying VI /= I is not a valid answer... duh!)


Its either a dimmer switch or its one of those ones that takes a few seconds to go completely off

and oh is it roman numerals?

(8 = 1)

(4 = 2)



1.- no, they're not... they are just like any other common switches... those cheap ones... and the light bulbs are the common ones too...

2.- yes... they're roman numerals, and VII is 7 not 8...

i don't know how good are you at math, but 4 != 2

try drawing it... that way it might be easier...


lol i suck at maths i managed to just about scrape through the lowest tier of high school stuff and left it there


Its either a dimmer switch or its one of those ones that takes a few seconds to go completely off

A dimmer switch still works straight away as you turn it down. However she did turn the lights off. You gonna feel so silly once you find out the answer:P


nope. Just her jumping into bed before it gets dark. She does not use anything and its a normal light switch

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