hah.. I'm sure it'll be the same for me. My dad needs help navigating to yahoo, and my mom just now had problems viewing an attachment :D

Nvm, it was only $350. Here are the specs: Thermaltake case, Biostar motherboard AM2, integrated video and audio, amd athlon 64 X2 4000+ 2.1 ghz am2 processor, 1 gig ram, a new keyboard, laser mouse, card reader, combo drive, and floppy. We already had some nice speakers and a 17" monitor. They work together very well, and thermaltake always has nice, easy to use cases.

I thought about giving them vista or at least xp pro 64-bit.. but I knew it would only cause more harm than good lol :p

It probably is a legal XP. I got my XP pro on OEM licence for £50 (~$100) because i baught it with a "system critical component" for use in a new PC.

XP pro full edition usually retails here for about £250 (~500)

My parents let me do the computer thing. I built one in 9th grade for a school project, and I've been tech support ever since. It's not always fun :P

I know what you mean... it really sucks sometimes...

My brother actually said he wouldn't give me the money he would sponser me for raceforlife (going to charity!) untill i looked at his pc because the mouse wouldn't move up and down. Buy a new mouse ya cheap bastid!

people i just thought of building a new pc in sudan i am gonna buy a pc case but mmm do you know from where to buy it??

A week? Takes me like 30 minutes..

the internet usuallly but US based companies dont ship to sudan

well what do u know we have lg and dell companies in sudan so butt of and to jochs i dont need a week i need 3 weeks cause i am going back to sudan after 2 weeks exactly and i bought the case :) but the other hardware i am gonna buy it from dell and i could tell my cousin in america eo send me some nvidia or asus hardware since they got the best graphics

and i need a whole week in sudan doin nothin cause i want to catch up with my buddies

you cant buy other h/w from dell. Dell motherboards only fit in dell cases

i c i can still buy an nvidia mother board can i??

yeah but not from dell

but they can work in any kind of cases except dell ??rite?

1) get a 450w power supply at least (thats what modern gfx cards need)

2) get the right case for your motherboard size (full ATX, WTX, baby ATX, midi ATX, micro ATX, BTX etc...)

hum gimme some options for full size motherboards cases?

ATX is the biggesst one you would usually need

James there is a limit to going off topic. The topic is _Parents_ and you people are talking about _Motherboards_ !!

James there is a limit to going off topic. The topic is _Parents_ and you people are talking about _Motherboards_ !!

Well... it does have "mother" in it at least...

Heh heh... nice one, Ezzaral.
Yesterday, my mom grounded me from computer priveleges and then asked me to solve a processing speed/spyware/adware problem on the family PC. Managed to negotiate half the ban off.

> Well... it does have "mother" in it at least...
I guess thats why I didn't infract him... :)

Ah yes, thank goodness for merciful Sanjay.. :D

My parents know nothing of computers, any errors and they scream for me, so i have to drop everything to sort out Word whinning about putting a box in the wrong place :D
It's all gd though, i learn something if a new error occurs.

mmm lol i upgraded my aunts pc today

2gb hdd, 233mhz, 64mb ram, NT workstation 4 (No service packs) with Office 97 and IE at like version 3

i upgraded it to the newest SP and IE that there was

what a crap pc

not an intel chip its an AMD K6 (roughly equivilent to a pentium 2)