Hi guys,

Hoping somebody could help me with a problem I have, my PC is starting up, I get one beep, but thats it. No signal to the monitor and it doesn't even load up fully.

I have tried resetting the battery, and unplugged my HD to see if it was windows related, but the same thing happened.

Any help greatly appreciated

Try the monitor on another PC if still no signal bad monitor

Does the Monitor raster come up if unplugged from the Video Interface but the power is on. Atleast the constantly floating dialog No Signal kind of thing.

If it shows up then do one thing. Try reinserting your graphics card by pulling it off at first. Also pull off the BIOS battery for more than a minute or two and replace it. Check all the necessary connections in detail with refernce to the Motherboard Manual. When all done press the power button and keep the Insert key pressed while the system is doing a POST. I think this would solve your problem

check the ram in the ram slot...take it out n set it in again ...then try restartin


Do as suggested below :

1. Check power supply cables to motherboard. There are two cables from the power supply to the motherboard. They should be fully connected and with the black wires together.

2. Remove and reseat memory.

3. Make sure that memory banks are full and that all the SIMMs in a each bank match.

4. Change order of memory to single out a bad SIMM.

5. Remove all peripheral cables (HDD, FDD, etc.) and try computer again.

Please try the above suggestions 1 by 1 and try to start your PC.

Let me know if this helps you.

Regards. :cool:

1) Did it work? The single beep is POST sucess! normally any others are errors.
2) Have you tried as suggestted another pc/laptop or another monitor. The screen should go a murky grey if disconnected from the PC. Black if connected. Does the power light change colour(if it ever did?)? You realy aren't going no where until the monitor been checked out.
3) Be bold and brave if the Monitor is proved OK. Power off the PC remove as much as you can,make notes ! leave the front panel connector alone. try booting the pc with out memory or video card in. If the PC has an insertted video card removing it will give a series of two short one long beeps. You should get a quick series of beeps for No Memory . Power off reinsert the memory and build your way back up, on test OK off insert another video card. Check the spec b4 you do it new m/c don't like old AGP 3v cards!

Well If you can't see whats going on either you have the lights off, or you have a powercut. If the monitor doesn't light, but the system is one beep up then its POST complete, or as they do, booting on a dead monitor. Prove the monitors working, turn the lights on and prove you ain't got a powercut!

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