back in March '03 i purchased a Samsung SyncMaster 955df, it has worked perfectly until recently. the problem is that the power button doesn't seem to respond and i just can't turn it on at all. if you're familiar with this monitor, you'll notice it has a soft bounce/spring sound when turning it on, and that has disappeared now and it seems as if the spring for the power may not be functioning correctly. i've connected an older monitor to my pc to see if the problem may be else where, but it works fine. i've also tried another power cable, which also didn't work. i really have no idea what is wrong. before and after it happened, i didn't notice anything unusual, like if the tube had blown or something. anyway, i just thought i'd try posting this and see if somebody has any ideas at all.

i've emailed tech support and everything aswel, just considering my options at the moment.

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...I just thought i'd try posting this and see if somebody has any ideas at all. I've emailed tech support and everything as well, just considering my options at the moment.

No options--warranty repair or exchange is required. Modern electronics don't always stink, smoke, flash, or make noise when they fail, though I've seen some fireworks in my day. :eek:

Samsung is no worse (or no better, for that matter) than any other modern electronic manufacturer. Don't hold it against them. Mass-produced electronics are more reliable now than ever, but if you are holding a bad one, it's just as annoying as it was thirty years ago. Just be glad it happened within the warranty...

maybe the tactile pushbutton switch has become inoperative. You can probably snatch one of those out of an old VCR and solder it up into the monitor.

I've got the same monitor from the same time frame, and likely the same problem. If you hold the switch in and hold it in place, it should come on once it warms up. It may be worth testing and confirming it is just the switch. I'm going to try either getting a switch as a spare part or else try to make my own, I'm thinking tape a something metal... I really don't want to bring it to service for a $1 switch.

My Dell monitor did the same thing. Discovered the on/off switch wasn't working. Had to unplug it and plug it back in. Monitor was just one year old. Dell said it was no longer under warranty. Just am leaving it on all the time.

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