Hey i've been haveing problems with my computer.
When I plug in my computer into a outlet it turns on and the monitor says 'No Signal' and the Keyboard Doesn't light up or anything nothing is working on it.
I looked and made sure everything was in right on the out side of the computer and pluged in a difernt keyboard and a difernt Monitor same thing happend.

Wondering if I need to do something inside my computer to fix the problem.



Well, you might have to open up the case. One situation would be if the video card is not seated properly, which would only be case if you had a card and not integrated video.

I have a video card, but I thought that because the Keyboard doesn't work that should not be the problem.

As far as I know the BIOS checks the video before the keyboard

Ah okay I'll go try that.

Ah nope Didn't work :S

Do you have another computer that you can test the video card in?

nope :\

OK, some more questions. Is the case power led on? Look on the back of the case there will be a red/black switch that will say 115 220, be sure it is switched to 115, unless you live in Europe.

the computer doesn't have one.

one more thing, you got me thinking of Power, when ever i have the computer pluged in it turns on.

i turned it off once and then it just turned on i'm keeping the power outlet off atm.

one more thing i tryed i took out my video card and Just pluged the monitor into the normal area for it, didn't work.

Ok, since you seem to be pretty much on right now, do you have yahoo instant messenger?

lol nope

OK then I guess we'll continue here then. Do you mean it does not have a power led or a voltage switch? Secondly when you tried to use the integrated video did you remove the card?

i removed the card. and i dont have ether

You don't have any Power indication light on your case? Ok, well I guess you tell there is power from the fans. Does the led on the monitor turn green or does it stay orange/blink orange?


I'm trying to try everything before resorting to replacing the card. So, I'm getting short on the troubleshooting questions here. Have you installed any other hardware? What damn computer do you have that doesn't have a power led or voltage switch on the PSU?


Do you have AIM? if you do it would be eazyer to talk.

Hmm, you have a really crappy Emachines then because that is the brand I am working on and I have had it for four years without fail once. Back to the topic, and back to basics. Turn on the computer/plug in whichever comes first and tell me exactly what happens. LED activity on monitor, sound from machine, motherboard activity (LEDs), Fans, everything.

No, I don't which is really unfortunate since this is becoming a long thread.

well i pluged it in and it did the beep bluh rrr then normal fan sounds uhh, no yellow/black blink from the motherboard.

monitor says no signal and has a Green LED atm.

There was beeping? How many?


i truned it on again and it didn't beep

What BIOS do you have? AMI/AWARD/Phoenix?

none of those

What type is it?

Fixed it no clue how just mucked with it! ty for your time! :)

Well keep me posted because "I don't know how" isn't actually fixing it. What did you do by the way.

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