Hi every boy and every girl!!!
I 've bought Digital camera Samsung S630,this is very good camera,but it has one deffect: when video is dowloadeed into the computer it has no sound(but when I watch it on camera it has).Does anyone of you know how 2 solve this problem
Thanks for any help!!!

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Well first a must question is your volume muted?

Have to ask.

Do you have the software with the camera installed?

what format is the video's?

what are you using for playback?

The video's format is AVI and it's played by Windows Media player.Volume isn't muted,it's maximum but no effect.And I've already installed everything that I had....;(

Thank you!!!

I thnk you are missing the required sound codecs.

I thnk you are missing the required sound codecs.

Didn't think of that one, Good call Mr.Bennet.

He says he has the codec pack (i cant remeber the name but its the same one i have, it has all the ones youll ever need) but it still wont play. Im all out of ideas. Maybe the camera is defective?

Im all out of ideas. Maybe the camera is defective

No, camera isn't defective,my friend has the same and also the same problem.
more....I tried 2 find the solution i Inet and noticed that some guys have the same problem....

Thank you!!!

wierd... have you tried emailing samsung?

I'm doing it at the moment :)

I noticed that only Windows Media Player in Windows Vista doesn't work with it....but oher players do(VLC,GOM)...and in Windows XP it work perfectle even with WMP...:)))

Vista lacks the sound codec needed to play sound for Samsung S630. In my case, I needed a codec called Mu-Law. You can check to see what codec is needed by downloading GSpot.
Try downloading K-Lite codec pack at:
When installing K-Lite, during configuration, make sure the Mu-Law codec option is activated.
To burn the video to a DVD using windows burning programs, convert the video from .avi to another popular format. I used a trial version of Prism Convertor.

K lite was the one i asked him about in post #7

Thanks for everyone....but now I'm using WinXp...and everthing is OK ;)

When I installed K-Lite, codec Mu-Law was defaulted to be inactive. You have to make sure it's activated during installation.
I'm glad everthing worked out for you, but I just wanted to explain for the benefit of people with similar problems.

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