ok well i put a post on the Which is best Post (Mac Or Pc?)
and i put a huge post on there, asking the full specs and if macs can be upgraded and what not, as my pc is giving me hell now, service pack 2 has done something, as it wont let certain programs work, like nokia pc suite for my mobile, when burning or ripping dvds i have to do it a certain way otherwise it wont work and knackers up the disc. which is highly annoying, i wanna know if i buy a imac g5 will i be better off and not have to worry about the system going nuts on me, as my pc is making me lose faith in it now,my bluetooth dongle wont work some days like today. it slows down when i leave it on overnight, and when it comes to going back on the next day, it takes forever to load up web pages and programs.:mad:
For example, today i turned it on and it wouldnt come on, when i powered up, the system run screen worked, but then went blank, so i turned it off, took out a usb card i recently purchased which i dont work for some reason due to the pc being a fussy so and so. and low and behold it worked, so im terrified if i turn it off now that i will lose everything on here, as i have got a lot of stuff which i hope i could transfer to a mac, like my itunes library for my ipod. i got a load of tunes on there and dont want to put them all on there again as that would kill me to do it. if anyone can help me please let me know what is best to get next, a mac or another pc.lol.
its true what they said, XP has got major problems which are hidden until you have to upgrade XP then it all goes downhill from there.:sad:

{same post as in youre other thread}

as i know pc's have problems all the time

Err..it sorta depends on the user/how he treats his computer. Take my machine for example--I rarely ever have problems with it.

is it possible and is it cheap like what it costs to upgrade a PC, like memory or hard drive,

Again, it depends. If you're able to install the upgrades yourself, then you can find parts pretty cheaply.

also need a lot and i mean a lot of them. at least 10 ports.

Jeez, never seen 10 USB ports before. ever. ;)

But ya, of course I'm biased. I'm a Windows guy (although owning a Powerbook along with my array of Dells). I guess if you're main focus will be media (music, vids, etc), you might just wanna consider a Mac, cause thats about the only thing theyre good with ;)

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