I'm looking for suggestions for a Client Intranet script, it would help if anyone heard or used anything for that purpose.

The requirements are as such:

  • Online Proofing/Approval system
  • Document Repository
  • Bug Tracking
  • Calendar

I've googled for this and could not come up with one-fit-all solution, but I'm hoping that someone here can point me to a solution or perhaps a suggestion.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,

It is very hard to find a fit-all client need's intranet product. One of the best one in the market is the Intranet Dashboard - ID (www.intranetdashboard.com). This product has won many awards and you will be impress of the size of their clients.

ID might give you more than you need but you can simple turn-on/off the features. I do think it is a bit pricy, but it depends on your clients at the end.


I've used the open source CMS e107 for a large (600+ users) intranet site. There are a lot of plugins that can be tweaked to do different functionality but you need to have/be a internet functional designer /coordinator. e107 is very easy to use and up to date on possible leaks. Much better then Joomla in my humble opinion. Good support too in various languages.

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