I don't get the point of modding, as with ur instance as an example, you spend $XXXX amount of money, then you crash and you loose all that money and then have to pay for repairs. Makes no sense to me.

the point is that you can drive a nice car but a street monster for example i modify my engine to race and earn money to buy the passat :) but once i crashed real hard broke a shoulder and a rib and ........destroyed my car :'( i had to fix it but i almost spent 3/4 of the money i won on fixing it and medical help my dad payed it and he doesn't know i do drag racing

lol, drag racing is cool though :)

My car is a bicycle... Woo hoo!:)

lol i like bicycles too i only like it at rush hour lol

he he, and greener for the environment :)

oh........... yeah that too (he he):-/

There is a Ford Windstar in my driveway, and I couldn't ask for anything better, unless someone builds the flying car in my avatar.