The ultimate in-car tech KITT, a Knight Rider satnav

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Yes, I know it sounds pretty daft, but MIO has confirmed that it will be releasing a satnav built entirely around a Knight Rider theme next month in the US.

Fans who want to experience that genuine eighties retro feel, but in a totally modern way, will just love KITT greeting them with "Hello Michael, where would you like to go today." And it is KITT as well, or at least it is actor William Daniels who was the original voice of the black Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with the pulsing red LED smile.

If you don't happen to be called Michael, there are 300 or so names to choose from. But to change it would be, well, missing the point. After all, if you are investing in a satnav because it reminds you of a TV series then you will probably want that extra authenticity. Maybe legally changing your name is a better solution.

From everything that has been leaked about the unit so far it does look like it will bring that KITT feel into your own, no doubt much less interesting, automobile though. Things such as the "two synthesizer displays" that fluctuate in time with KITT speaking. Just brilliant, and yes I do want one, despite my own car having a very intelligent SmartNav system already installed.

At around $270 when it finally hits the streets, US only for now, next month it seems quite a steal. Not that you want to try stealing KITT, I have seen what happens to people who do.

There is no mention if The Hoff comes as an optional extra though...

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I've used a mio168 since it first came out. first because it had integrated gps, then because I still haven't found anything that does the job better. really can't understand why manufacturers 'improve' their products worse

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