First off I have a 4 year old pc, that recently started having some odd issues. I have not added any hardware to this computer since it was built.
p4 2.6
abit IS7-E
2 gig of ram
ATI all in wonder 9700 pro
WD 80 gig HD
XP pro service pack 1
Recently it started shutting down and turning back on by itself. After a considerable deliberation to check the obvious things I decided to reformat the HD. So after about 3 trys I got it to reformat and then upgraded online to sp2. My OS cd is service pack 1 so I have to update to 2 online everytime I reinstall. It seemed to be working fine. 1 month later it started doing the same thing locking up at first then after the reboot it started to shut off on its own and after a second or two fire back up. It would do this until I turn the power supply off. So I replaced the CMOS battery thinking it was dying on me. That did not work. tested it with another power supply same result. Unplugged the case power buttons and it stayed up long enough for me to start running my virus protection software at which point I started hitting all kinds of stuff trying to get some things done before it shut off again and it froze lol Thoughts?

PC 2 This one gets to the ASUS splash screen and sits there
says "hit delete to enter bios" but won't go to desktop... I Have rebooted several times and same thing happens

check your bios and make sure that it is booting to the harddrive first.