Since downloading the latest drivers for my speedtouch 330 modem(on advice of ISP), I have been unable to access any microssoft website (hotmail, updates, etc). I can get any other website. I have setup my Windows 2000 Prof again hoping that it would cure the problem. I have deleted cookies, temporary internet files. I have restored IE defaults. I have run AVG antivirus and AVG spyware and also Antivir guard. Antivir picked up 'Trojan horse TR/Drop Keenval.f.

Because I have setup a new installation of 2000 Prof and have been unable to get on any microsoft websites I am also unable to download the latest updates or versions of IE. I am running IE 6. (Cipher strength 56 bit - if that helps)

I have also had the DNS error message after failed attempts to access hotmail.

Any other ideas? I am a complete novice but any help would be appreciated.

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Sounds to me like a possible firewall issue. I'm not familiar with that specific modem. I do know, however, that some dsl/cable modems have a built in firewall that can be set to block certain domains or IP ranges. Find the manual for your modem and read it over to see if that is the case with yours then take a look into it's settings.

Hope this helps,

Realised after posting that this is in the wrong forum!
Thank you for your suggestion, I have checked up and the speedtouch 330 is a very basic modem with no firewall.

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