Hi everyone out there or in there as the case may be

I am 73 years of age, just, and not terribly computer literate. For example what does IRC stand for in the heading here of IRC Chat Network? I am married, no children in my own house and my wife recently broke her neck in three places but is still walking around to tell the tale. I have a big garden and two workshops for woodwork.
I also have a study for my computer and it looks like a tip.

Any way, be that as may be. I have a 2 ghz computer with XP sp2, and it is very slow to load up so I thought I would join up to see if anyone had any ideas.

So that is my introduction to me.

Alan Bennett

Hi Alan! Welcome to DaniWeb. I wish your wife a speedy recovery.

IRC stands for 'Internet Relay Chat'. It's a very old live chat protocol, relatively speaking of course, having been around since the 1980s. However, you don't need to know all of that to enjoy it. Just visit our chat page at www.daniweb.com/chat/ and click on the web-based chat client link to instantly chat live with a bunch of us :)