Hi...I am a new member to this site and I am here cause I was looking for some help with my connection problem. I am not sure what is wrong cause I could connect to the internet but cannot connect to no site that requires me connecting to another server...I read some other people's help with the same problem on other sites but I still don't understand...I am really, really green on this topic, so please do not assume I know anything...could someone please help, and remember I am not a retard, just don't know much on this topic so please be as simple as u can with ur terminologies...thanks very much.

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do you mean you have trouble going to sites you havent visited before?

this may mean the dns server of your isp is down or has been reset - if your on cable broadband then go into network connections, right click on it and do repair then poweroff your modem and/or router and do this once more

Hey...thanks for responding. It happens both ways. For example I can't run yahoo messenger, I downloaded it but when I press run program nothing happens. I try playing microsoft internet games and I dont' connect, I try visited partypoker.net and cannot connect. I use to be able to use MSN Messenger but now I can't...when I go to repear it said that my gateway is offline...don't know what this means or how to fix it. Apart from that everything seems to be working at normal.

Oh, when I check my LAN connection it said 'Limited or no connectivity'...what does this mean? What do u mean by poweroff my modem? Remember I said I was green in computer talk, don't want to assume and do the wrong thing.

Again thanks for your response and your help...write back soon, would u?


Hi Daniel :)

First off, I just wanted to say that I edited your posts to remove the full color, bolding, and italicising. Rules here limit color/bold/italics to emphasize points only, not the full text.

Sorry for the hastle. :)

Oh, when I check my LAN connection it said 'Limited or no connectivity'

Let's work with this first, as I think this is the same problem as everything else.

How far away from the wireless router are you? If you're too far away, your wireless card will not recieve the signal, and think that you have no internet. Therefore, can you try moving the computer to right next to the router and determine whether you can access the internet from there.

If the above step doesn't work, we will need to reset the router and modem.

However, details for this depend on the type of internet connection (ie, cable, DSL, T1, etc).

Because of this, post back with:

1) whether the first step worked
2) a description of how everything is connected (ie Modem>Router>computer)
3) the type of internet connection
4) the type of modem, if possible.

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