Hi just a quick hello from me if The forum lets me !

Every time I try I'm told I need to log on, I am logged on.

Now I know why I need to be here !!!!!!!!

I have many years experience with computers but they still hate me.

Oh well. How sad. Never mind. Lets try again.


Hi Rick. Welcome to DaniWeb. I'm a tad confused what you're talking about but welcome and good luck with login problems.

The problem is I log on try to post or in this case reply and I get told I have to log on to post and the message is lost and has to be typed again

So even if I'm logged on I get told to log on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bizarre. Becuase you need to be logged on to post, and this has posted OK.

after 3 tries each including so far this one

Do you have cookies enabled by your web browser?

Hi all

I am presently working on a web site using php, this is not my day job as I came to computing late in life the opportunities to get a really well paid interesting job are about "0".

I graduated from the University of Paisley last year with a BSc in computing.

But I hope with my own efforts to acheive something who knows prehaps someone will buy my completed site off me for £1,000,000.