ssh: Permission denied, please try again. #1 14 Hours Ago
Hello guys:

I am trying to ssh from box1 to box2. The user is user1 and IPbox2 is the IP of box2 (not the real thing though, but you get the idea). This is the command I am using from the command line:

box1#ssh -l user1 IPbox2
user1@IPbox2's password:

After entering the password, this is what I get back:
Permission denied, please try again.

Is there anyone out there who can help me solve this problem?

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Try it like this:

ssh root@

Hello techniner:

Unfortunately, I cannot try it because I do not
have the root password for the server. Do you think that becoming sudo and then trying it would do it. Well, before you answer, let me try it.

I will be back.

Hello techniner:

If you are not a genius, then who is it?
I am able to ssh to box2.
I became sudo first:

sudo su -
[root@box1 ~]#ssh root@IPbox2
Last login: Wed Jan 18 15:15:05 2008 from box1
[root@box2 ~]#

Thanks for your help in finding this solution.

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