Hi everybody, Si here.

I'm undertaking a MSc in Facilities Mangement and didn't realise that it involved so much about CIT. The scenario we've been given is probably out of date technology wise (I believe that it was written about 5 years ago). I'm hoping that you can perhaps give me a steer.

The scenario is:
FarCide, a large US IT Co has just bought out Communic8. FarCide has an international communications network with all offices communicating directly to HQ in California, unlike Communic8, which has a mesh network so that any office can communicate with any other. These incompatible wide area networks are further complicated by the fact that FarCide uss Centrex (off-site serviced PABX) whilst Communic8 has Meridian PABX at every one of its offices. Local area networks in FarCide are based on Nevell and Token Ring, whilst Communic8 uses Ethernet and NT servers

The task is:
Rationalise the IT infrastructure.

If anyone can give me a steer I'd be most grateful.