Hey everyone glad to have joined Daniweb, I am currently starting my own PC diagnostics and repair business (Part Time) and have several IT qualifications and about four years experience.
I have worked in troubleshooting on various types of Electrical machinery for about 15 years and wanted a career change.
About six years ago I wanted to repair the computer I kept destroying and went on a City & Guilds course which led to my A+ etc.
As I progressed I wanted to work in IT but because of lack of experience I could'nt get employment, so I continued studying and building my experience by trying to do everything I'd read about but not practically done, several qualifications and years of experience later and nothings changed so I'm starting my own business, there's no way i'm spending £4000 on exams and courses and not working with computers. All people taking courses beware, it's very frustrating paying alot of money to companys and not getting employment like I have. Anyway appart from that sad tale I am interested in learning as much as possible about all parts of the IT business, improving in my knowledge and experience and would hope one day to become an IT pro. (No thanks to SmartCertify or Schiedegger training who had my money and did'nt help me at all)
I hope I can contribute towards helping people with alot of the solutions to problems I have come across and also get help for problems I am having myself, Thanks, to All.

Hey christina and thanks for the welcome and the quote.