I'm from Johannesburg South Africa. 53 years old and grew up on VB6amongst others. Not so active in the programming environment right now due to time pressures from other interests such as property and various small business ventures.

Right now I have an interest in using the Return On Investment (ROI) functions like IRR, NPV etc functions in a VB6 apps. I've used the samples from VB 6 Help with success but I find the broader picture a bit vague.

Is there any kind VB6 programmer out there who has built a VB6 financial calculator using these functions and is prepared to donate the vb6 source to me for personal use only ?

Many thanks

Peter Burkimsher

Hi Peter, welcome to DaniWeb. You should head over to the Visual Basic forum and ask your question there, where there are loads of people who should be able to help.

This forum is just for saying hi, not for asking support questions.

Hi Christina

thanks for the quote - I enjoyed it

Peter B - Johannesburg