Well, I was driving to work this morning when I heard a shocking news over the radio. I don't know whether it's as shocking as it was to me, to you guys.
When I reached my office, the first thing I did was to google what I heard on the radio.
Check out this link: BBC news.

Have you guys heard of this before? It's apparently not new. Well, yea, how did they do this? I mean, even with the technology we have nowadays, how could one possibly invent a dream machine? Although quoted from the company that it is still under testing + some of the employees said that the "story-line" of their dream wasn't as expected, but heck, I personally am not very excited about this new invention.
IMHO, more and more of God's "natural" invention is slowly being taken over by technology. :-|

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Hee hee; look at the picture. Cute young thing stretching in her PJ's. The whole thing seems like a setup for porn companies. You buy it, then buy the special tapes from "Big Bob's House of Porn Dreams".

I think that's too creepy for me.

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