Ok, I'm trying to hack the admin on the computer (me) from a limited account to see if i can. Well in short i don't think that i can. When i get to command prompt these are the steps that i take...

mkdir temphack

but that fails for me it says i don't have access....
can anyone list out a step by step instruction to hack my admin user profile..
i would appreciate it

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? that seems pointless

you can gain full control over the system by simply having physical access to it

and the question sounds a bit hacky.

I know I can if I have physical access but this is more fun and complicated please help me.

But we dont really know what your trying to do.......

If your really trying to mess with someone elses computer THAT IS NOT GOOD!!!

We just dont know...........

Welcome to the site BTW :)

hey, i think i got wat ur trying to do u want to get into a admin acc to do wateva on the same pc.

to do this logg on to your limited acc. once there go to START then go to RUN. there will be blank with some word or somthing it will be highlited DELETE it then type in the blank cmd .
a black window will appear and will have a list of the users and either limited or admin. there will already be a cousor flashing so just type net user . then another line will be produced and you again will type net user username * ( the username u want to change, and yes with the star)
then it will ask u to type a different password for the acc. type wat pass u want and it will ask u type it again after typeing it again it will say command confirmed or something of that sort. then log out and login to the admin acc and enjoy the admin privalages.

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