Hey guys,

I'm doing Networking and Programming in IT for college soon and was wondering if there is any networking guides for me to start on? and what programming language should I start with?


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languagewise you could learn any of the following:

visal basic

(In order of difficulty - bottom is easiest)

Im in sixth form college now (im nearly 17) and are doing AS level computing (ive just sat my exam for the programming and network concepts module).

We program in Visual Basic and then do c++ and assembler next year

Programmming is good. You'll enjoy it


Thanks jbennet :)

hmm... do you need to be good in maths for IT? hahaha!! I'm not that great at maths XD


I hate maths too. i got a B at gcse when i was 16 - thats it (but i sat the easier level paper)

you just need basic high school level maths e.g simple algebra for when you are using variables. you also need to understand the concept of operator precedence (look it up). If you end up designing a clock or doing any drawing/3d its useful to know some things about circles and triangles but nothing too hard

In my computing course we do alot of trace tables and binary conversions so its useful to understand binary

e.g in the decimal system (what humans use) the bigegst number is 9 and its Hundreds, Tens, Units

so 1 0 1 has:

1 hundred
0 tens
1 unit

in binary everything is either 0 or 1 and it goes (counting from the right to the left) 1,2,4,8,16 etc..

so 101 in binary is:

1 1 0 0 1 0 1 (64+32+4+1)

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