Hello from from Sunny Florida.Man there is some talent here.
My name is Duane I am 49 and I stumbled on you guys while researching this website.ws,and found post from 2 years ago.
By the way while a pyramid scheme ( deals in cash ) is illegal, multi-level marketing ( deals in a product ) is not.Although the FTC did uncover an internet pyramid scam in 2003 Re: Wikipedia-"pyramid schemes".
But I digress a couple of years.
My first time in a community and I hope I can learn from some of the awesome talent I see subscribe to this forum.
I am a novice PC user by this forums standards but help family and friends keep theirs running.I built the Frankenstien ( with a friends help) that I'm using now. I enjoy putting together something that works and keeping it running and clean.I started to learn html but stopped at style sheets and havn't picked it back up again.
Thanx for the warm welcome looking forward to my first forum experience.

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