Hi, my name is Jon, I'm an IT Technician/programmer from Bournemouth, England. I've only been working in IT for about a year as I have just gradutated with a degree in Software Engineering (Bournemouth Uni). This is the first technical forum that I have registered for! Been flying solo up until now, hope I can use this site to pick up some useful advise from you guys! :D

Hi Jon, welcome to DaniWeb. Is Bournemouth still as sleepy as I remember it from a family holiday when I was a small kid?

Lol not really, its become a bit of party town. It used to be known for its retirement population but now its just full of drunken stag and hen parties. Still a nice place to visit during the Summer though, if we actually get any sun!

Welcome, I hope you find all the advice you need.

Is Bournemouth good for Comp/Sci ? - im 17 and am looking there for Uni next year

I think its pretty good, obviously not the best. If you want a really good uni you gotta choose one of the 'red brick' universities really but you'll need really good grades for these places. If you have mediocre A Level grades (or whatever you need these days) then Bournemouth is definitly a great choice. I loved every minute of being a student down here and the course was great.