I'm eating Peach Cobbler, and I'm drinking water.

hmm i am drinking my anger.. eating my sorrows ri8 now..isint good?

According to newspaper reports one Italian cheese factory over a two year period has recovered 11000 tons (!) of spoiled cheese and reworked it into their Mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheese, maggots and all! I guess I won't eat any pizza for a while.

Just had two doughnuts and big mug of fresh Columbian coffee to wash this story down.

Link(s) please.

Here is one I found a few minutes ago -- something like this you are talking about?

A plate full of sliced Double Gloucester and Stilton with some freshly baked soft pretzel sticks and a glass of tempered Riunite Lambrusco.

I realize that the wine is from Italy, but the cheese is thoroughly clean English.

Me and my pals go over some crunchies like corn bits...We love it....

Now I'm eating a piece of cheese...

Diet Sunkist, Water, mangos and crackers w peanut butter and jelly ... weird combo

I had Dinner a few hours ago.

Eating nothing currently and drinking water.

A grilled spinach, fontina, roasted garlic, chicken bratwurst on a multigrain demi-baguette and a bottle of cool Sapient Belgian style tripple ale. Heaven on Earth!

Chicken grilled on the Foreman grill, milk, celery, and carrots. That's it!

dried fish, couple with extra pickles and some boiled eggs are way way yummy....

I also eat raw fish spiced with vinegar, ginger, and all other spices that I could think of, but coupling it with water deteriorates my guts...

glass of milk...

Pepsi, Sweet Chili Heat chips :)

Blueberries and cream.

Drinking nothing...

But eating my Heart :(.. I am so sad about something. I can't tell it :(.

Shredded Kosher pork on a leinsamen roll and some local dark ale.

I am visiting a dear friend of mine and she made some delicious sauerkraut with pork and garlic mashed potatoes. We are also going through the best in her wine cellar.

i just had my dinner, i had kentucky fried chicken and coleslow..i am saving for midnight snack my favorite ice cream, choco hazelnut brownie ..yes i am a pig!!:P

Kentucky Fried Chicken and coleslaw is darn good stuff.

Bangers and mash, and one really tall mug of brown ale.

A bag of Yablonovyy dark chocolate covered cashews.

German chocolate cake and a steaming hot mug of Kaffee Wien mit Schlag.

A 15 lb watermelon!

So now you are 15 pounds heavier?

I am eating some fresh black cherries.

A 15 lb watermelon!

If you finish it, that could be a new record. I just had some watermelon too, but not 15 pounds of it.