Dinner, meals that have two different dishes that contain egg. Lol

Spinach mushroom scramble with toast

Spinach mushroom scramble with toast

I have Mushroom, spinach but no toast. :D
Having Spinach and Mushroom Pizza now;)


Am currently eating hunger......dats the only thing in my belly

just drinking plain water

I'm just finished with my sandwich and now just drinking water.

Well I just started eating dinner and thought this would be a neat topic. Everyone knows we love to eat while on the computer; two birds, one chair.

I'll start it off:

Deli Sandwiches, macaroni salad, potato salad and a Pepsi :)

pounded yam and egusi soup with beef.

going to take dinner with mom and dad.
very hungry today............

Italian sausage with peppers.

I'm eating home-made beef stew. Definitely worth the effort.

Two lbs stew meat, 1 head of celery topped and sliced, 5 carrots sliced, 5 good-sized potatoes cubed to 1 inch, 1/2 a yellow onion diced, 1 tbsp parsley, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp black pepper, 7 bay leaves, 1/4 tsp sage, a dash of garlic powder;
In a 5qt pot, put in a small amount of vegetable oil; Brown the beef, toss in the onions, throw in all the spices except the bay leaves, and stir until carmelized; put in 3 cups of water, stir, toss in all the rest of the veggies, add water until it just barely covers the mixture, put in the bay leaves...simmer for 4 hours or so, stirring occasionally...take out the bay leaves before serving.

If you want to thicken it up at the end, stir in a tablespoon or so of flour after you remove the bay leaves, and simmer for another 10 minutes, stirring continuously.

Voila! Delicious. Feeds a family of 4. For several days. :)

This morning (it's 8am here and I've been up working for 2 hours) I am mostly drinking freshly made espresso coffee using the love of my life, my Nespresso espresso maker. I'm in a Lungo mood this morning, and have had three cups so far.

As for food, what's that again?

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Guinness Export (made in Nigeria) and a nice spag bol.
Will have some fried chorizo, over-ripe tomatoes and stilton later once kids have gone to bed. Can't wait...

A soft pretzel and a shot of Southern Comfort.

Beef jerky and coffee and for dessert vodka with coke.

A nice big bacon hamburger with a nice green salad and a big pint of banana/strawberry/milk smoothie! Not a bad way to go on a nice sunny day ! ;)

Salmon on spinach with grits.

Im just eating fruits and drinking some juices,, while chatting to my friends using PRODUCT PLUG DELETED on my site. :))

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Regal Biscuit Marie with mineral water..

A Ritter Sport dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts, a real treat!

Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries

Baked lentil chips with beans and salsa.

A mushroom and egg scramble with tarragon. Cup of green tea.

Greek yogurt with blueberries, glass of milk.

Fruittella .. strawberry ..

I'm having Cheesecake Sundae....

Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich with a glass of raspberry flavored ice tea.