Went to Good Old Days restarant, had bisquettes & gravy and two scrambled eggs. They make the best bisquettes & gravy this side of UK :)


Yes, it's just one big fried onion. Very good, very tasty, and very heavy on the fat/calorie contents.

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It's a german caffeinated and carbonated beverage made from mate-extract.
Hard to describe or compare the taste, are you familiar with mate-tea? ("mate" not to confuse with the english verb "to mate", it's a plant)


Some refreshing Club-Mate

Is that only to give yourself some gravitas as a programmer? Club-mate is the iconic hacker's drink.

are you familiar with mate-tea?

Yes, I used to drink "yerba mate" tea almost everyday... but then I ran out and didn't buy new stock. Thanks for the reminder.

What are you eating/drinking right now?

Currently, just savouring a glass of Lagavulin (16yo single malt), the best scotch ever. And I got a spinach pizza in the oven.


So basically you are telling me that Reverend Jims question was meant ironically? If so, I honestly did not get it.

Having some self made apple pie now.

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french fries... but i am facing hemoroids right now so cant eat every thing i want


You should get it checked, might be an infected tooth.

I just had an espresso and I'm preparing to tackle some cookies.


Spring thankyou hotdogs, family picnic munchies from the oil company that provides heating oil for the winter. -35,
glad I was in Aus
Still dont understand why the kids dont want to go to Aus to escape the winter

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