i'll have any indian snacks like vada, bread or dosa for dinner

I was told to eat crow!

Right now I'm so hungry

Went to Good Old Days restarant, had bisquettes & gravy and two scrambled eggs. They make the best bisquettes & gravy this side of UK :)

I love their Blooming Onion

Looks tasty! Is it one big fried onion? It just looks like fries.

Yes, it's just one big fried onion. Very good, very tasty, and very heavy on the fat/calorie contents.

Snickers Dark Cholote -- OMG it's sooooo great! First time I ever tasted it.

It's a german caffeinated and carbonated beverage made from mate-extract.
Hard to describe or compare the taste, are you familiar with mate-tea? ("mate" not to confuse with the english verb "to mate", it's a plant)

Some refreshing Club-Mate

Is that only to give yourself some gravitas as a programmer? Club-mate is the iconic hacker's drink.

are you familiar with mate-tea?

Yes, I used to drink "yerba mate" tea almost everyday... but then I ran out and didn't buy new stock. Thanks for the reminder.

What are you eating/drinking right now?

Currently, just savouring a glass of Lagavulin (16yo single malt), the best scotch ever. And I got a spinach pizza in the oven.

So basically you are telling me that Reverend Jims question was meant ironically? If so, I honestly did not get it.

Having some self made apple pie now.

A shroomburger and ginger ale.

Asparagus, flemish style

"Sand" cookies :)


french fries... but i am facing hemoroids right now so cant eat every thing i want

Homemade fries, with garlic, seasoning salt and italian seasoning.

Strong coffee and ibuprofen. Bloody tooth/face ache...

You should get it checked, might be an infected tooth.

I just had an espresso and I'm preparing to tackle some cookies.

Faceache must wait, work deadlines get priority. May move to espresso and Tramadol later :)

Ask for a double espresso, now that's caffeine :)

Ask for a double espresso, now that's caffeine :)

You mean that's cow dodo.

Spring thankyou hotdogs, family picnic munchies from the oil company that provides heating oil for the winter. -35,
glad I was in Aus
Still dont understand why the kids dont want to go to Aus to escape the winter

Water! Haha, girls and their weight issues...