What weight issues? I'm having a bowl full of pasta, beef and mayo.

Fake oreos, which taste better than the original.

love fake oreos
banana icecream

My son barbecued today, had brots, pork steaks, corn on the cob, and sweet potatoes.

Vietnamese coffee and a banana dessert.

Tim Hortons Coffee, and blueberry Fritters :: Wifi is popping up everywhere, even Nova Scotia

Odwalla soy protein shake.

A Fiber One lemon bar and peppermint tea.

<rant>Hooray, argument time, am bloody Australian, Fibre One
color / colour : hiccup / hicough : check / cheque : gray / grey

Bob takes a chill pill </rant>
escitoloparam while effective in treating some disorders is not appropriate for all.
please contact your health proffessional before starting escitaloparam treatment.
side effects can include being a smart-ass

Oatmeal mixed with yoghurt red fruits and berries. Coffee black.

Coffee and antihistamines. You know it makes sense <achoo>

Eating a block of raw and organic ginger that i chopped up about 2 minutes ago...

Coffee, banana and the bitter sweet tears of regret.

Strassburger Leberwurst on a potato bagel, and cool mango lemonade.

Coffee, carrots, celery, & coliflower (about 1.5 cups worth in total veggies).

Some of Trader Joe's Cocoa Truffles. Sinfully delicious!

Hamburger meat, topped with spicy backed onions, tomatos and green paprikas.

@ddanbe, Just the meat?

Yes, just the meat. You could call it a Montignac diet.

Strawberry tea with turkish Baklava!

Asiago cheese sandwich and peppermint tea.