coffee. lots of string black coffee. important copy deadline to meet. so even more coffee :)

Fresh blueberries and cream.

Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale, 3 in!

A blueberry scone and hot chocolate.

I eat a lot of blueberries ever since I read that they help improve your memory. However, I can't remember where I read this.

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fries with mayonaise and a beer.

Remoulade on pommes frites and a fresh Margarita. Cool stuff for a hot summer day.

coffee eeeee aaaaahhhhh soothed

Trout, grits and salsa. A White Russian for the fun of it.

A White Russian for the fun of it.

Ummmm... okay then?

Amherst -> Truro via Oxford 'the blueberry capital of Canada'
watched a couple raking blueberries in scoops,
bought some

ladylove makes blueberry pancakes

Canada has short seasons,
strawberry season, sneeze and you miss it,

summer was on a wednesday this year
my garden does not look like it will do much before we go
the kids will eat my veges

Blueberry season lasts for a few months, YAY
when its over go to Aus and eat mangoes pineapple guava kiwi, more Yay

eating homemade blueberry muffin, yum

I just had a sip of coffee for my breakfast, no for my brunch!!

Drinking a Shocktop...eating sesame sticks & roasted almonds...while watching latest episode of Ray Donovan...good times!!

A nice bottle of Spring Water to start my day off.

Acorn Squash with Kosher ham

Its getting cold, home made chicken soup: comfort food

It's getting hot here in Spain, gin tonic with a lot of ice.

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Hot chocolate an a piece of lemon cake.

Vegetarian tacos, a coke and vanilla hazelnut coffee. for dessert, a few pieces of candy corn!

I am eating the bread and omlet and i drinking the orange juice.I like this combinations very much.

I had supplements for lunch today and a pool of water!

A Basque lamb burger and a beer.

Sprouted wheat bread toast with fig butter and a mug of java latte.