Piping hot chocolate with whipped cream ...

Grilled cheese sandwich and a mug of hot peppermint tea.

oranges ice cold from the fridge

Cioppino seafood stew, fresh baked bread and a glass of good white wine.

pasta bake, looked terrible/strange, tastes like the best lasagna, took 15 minutes to make. living & learning

Did you see on facebook GTX 980 Salad Sandwich bit extreme lol anyway i just gear up with snacks and soft drinks while playing Cod Advance warfare really gets me motivated.

Shepherds pi and a glass of brown ale.

Just the usual prime rib, baked potato and some French wine.

4 tacos de pollo y un Monster. Muy bueno!

Asked Chef for a surprise dinner
Great big burger and fries, havent had one for ages,
course not, usually have what I ask for, and I am boring
had to smoosh it to fit it in my mouth
have to get random food more often, she's making staff meals now, chicken curry smells good, too full to even taste

A bowl of granola and a cup of coffee.

beef Wellington, brussel sprouts, steamed garlic potato, fresh beans,
great coffee
I love my chefs
edit: chefs, house is catered, make anything you want, love consultiing work

wanton mami and asadong siopao ....

English muffin with strawberry/rhubarb jelly and a mug of java/latte.

Chef brought shepherds pie,
By the time we go back to Canada, I am goin to be so damn fat

Two heart shaped doughnuts and Duncan coffee.

Blueberry muffin and black coffee

Roastbeef, mashers, peas and carrots. Some white tea.

Eating some cuberdons It is hard to resist if you have just eaten one, to stop. Mmmm sooo sweet and tasty.

I am eating nothing right now. I do not like having to clean the crumbs out of my keyboard, so I don't eat around my computers.

As of tomorrow I will be eating cleaner than I ever have. For two solid weeks I will be eating very little processed food; however, I will be eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, and grains. Between my clean-eating regime and my health supplements, I plan on being a healthy individual for my second phase of life.

Right now I'm having a cup of lemon tea.

I have my mind set on some scramble with bacon and cheese, and plan to wash it down with dark roast coffee.

Free muffins from Mc Donald's :)

Coffee, @wreckship, please throw me a muffin

Herring in wine sauce, some Paulaner beer.

My neighbor made beefstew and I brought the beer.

Oregon trout and asparagus, mint tea.

Oregon trout and asparagus, mint tea.

You're in Oregon? I live in Portland.