He, I had trout(not from Oregon I guess) with bacon, grilled almonds and mashed potatoes.

Tim Tams with lots of peanut butter sandwiches while waiting for Windows Build 10041 finishes downloading.

A thick slice of Irish Soda Bread with a glass of almond milk.

Hmmm? what to have this morning? It's 11:00AM over here maybe I should have a normal sandwich and a coffee

lunch in queensland : more coffee, and cakes from the yowie park coffee man

Scotch Fillet for tea mmm! and it melts in your mouth too even more awesome!!!

Baked Swai fillets, grits with stewed tomatoes, and a glass of Washington State's finest Riesling.

Prosecco and Lasagne with beef AND chicken - WTF?

Well, there is one less chocolate Easter Bunny around.

Filet Steak and a bottle of Chateux Neuf Du Pape

High fiber cereal, mandarin slices, grapes with cashew milk.

oatmeal, topped with fresh mango from the garden, macadamia nuts, and coffee

love winter, when its summer

I'm drinking and enjoying the taste of a Carolus. The brewery is about 1 km from where I live.

After the media scared us with the high arsenic content of California wine, I am drinking beer again.

good to know although im not 18 but when i turn eighteen then i might have have a few sips of beer

Absolutely nothing. I'm fasting for tomorrow's physical. I'd kill for a pizza ^_^

Most natural spring waters contain the regular minerals sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium.
There are many containing arsenic, strontium etc., besides these regular minerals, and even considered healty.
It is as with beer, consume moderately.
But of course media can blow such things as "poisonous" arsenic up to great proportions. Poison does not exsist it is the amount that counts.

The Easter Bunny left two red eggs in the yard, so I ate them.

my teacher gave me 2 bcauz i was very nice and caused no trouble


I'm at 1.5 Litres of water on the day. I had a small coffee this morning to go with my corn flakes and that's it so far.

I am not fasting for a blood test, so I ate a leftover piece of fruity Easter cake with my usual mug of coffee.

Umm I'm at school right neo but I am definitely going to get something to eat probably multiple things...I the normal meals but I also eat a lot in between meals..it's the curse of high metabolism

Morning Coffee
First morning coffee