Hi all. Here's my problem. I have a Gateway MX6625 laptop. When it boots up I get this message. ERROR




F1 setup F2 continue

Any ideas?

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How old is the PC?

Remove any unnecesarry PCI cards and reboot - see if that helps

Thanks for the reply jbennet. The laptop is approximately 2 years old. I am not sure as to what pci cards it would have other than the wireless card. Is the dvd drive considered pci?

Oh sorry i didnt notice it was a laptop. Only time ive ever seen this was on desktops where either: a) some PCI cards conflicted or b) the BIOS battery had died

I dont think the BIOS battery would die, they usually last much longer than 2 years.


I have experienced the same error. Did you or Gateway resolve the problem or was an entire Motherboard replacement required??

if you are getting this type of error on a lap top, and you have no external cards inserted, then the laptop was either dropped, spilled on, or condensation build up cause some error. you are looking at a replacement. or at best a new one.

Not exactly the response I was hoping for. I also bought a flash memory stick to save my files but I keep getting an error message when copying... I assume that the USB port uses the same PCI?? Anyways, any suggestions on how to save my pics, music, Word and Adobe files would be appreciated.

copy a small amount of files each time, if any of the files are larger that 4 MB copy that file by it self.

Remove the HD and use a USB adapter to copy the files to another computer.
You could also try a repair install.

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