I get this error when I boot my comp. The comp posts fine, and then I see the xp pro symbol faded out, then it focuses, the blue bar rolls, then I get a blue screen. Something about "TOP: c0000135 {couldn't locate file}
WINSRV is missing. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem." Can anyone help me please?! I'm so worried. I built this thing and it's such a clean system. Why would I get this error.

When I try recovery with my OS CD, it doesn't work. Safe mode doesn't work. Because my HDD is on my RAID connector, I entered the F6 to load raid drivers mode and it says it was unable to load support for any mass storage devices. Then it gives me an option S to load other SCSI or CD-rom devices or something, an Enter option to continue, or F3 to quit. Should I be loading drivers from a different CD? I can't believe all this for freakin winsrv. I'm screwed.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't include the necessary information. I'm running XP pro with SP1 (yes, I bought the OS myself). Built the rig myself. I hadn't installed any new programs in awhile (although I started playing Knight of the Old Republic and CounterStrike a lot). I run ZoneAlarm Pro always, and Regsupreme sometimes. That's about it. The problem occurs everytime I boot. At first, I had two or three boots where xp pro wanted to run a checkdisk and it did, and passed successfully. I thought this was odd. And now, I get the above problem

Well, I have since found a fix for the problem (although I have not implemented it).

I also might have the cause as well. At least in my case. I use RegSupreme every so often to do a very shallow sweep of my registry for temp keys and entries that are no longer needed. I think I might have damaged the system key pointing to winsrv or something.

I went to the link you gave, but I can't contact him because I'm not a member of that board (to pay for a monthly fee for an online forum? How absurd)

I also got the same problem this afternoon.
Please tell me how to solve it.

I am using windows 2000 professional.

i have read that this may solve the problem.

create a .txt file on a floppy with this line in it.

COPY "C:\WINNT\$NtUninstallKB835732$\kernel32.dll" "c:\winnt\system32\kernel32.dll"

use the boot disketts or cd to get to the "repair console". insert the floppy and type:
batch a:\"file name".txt

this should replace the Kernel32.dll with the old one. remove the floppy and type exit.

hopefully this should do it.

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