Has anybody seen that 2012 movie?

Yep, it's pretty good, quite long though.

Yep, it's pretty good, quite long though.

I've seen 2012 too and i have expected something better, but as far as i've seen the effect they use did the movie cost enough already.

Quiet Long.... I was almost crying, not because of the nice ending but because my butt did hurt like hell! (Cinema without Break...)

Has anybody seen that 2012 movie?

I imagine that the trailer was the best part of the movie. The physics sucked - no downdraft; when the whole world is falling apart, where are you going to land a plane?


Just saw it tonight. If the crust shifts 23 deg and brings China close enough that the plane can land without getting wet, why were the mountains untouched? Seems to me the shift would cause massive destruction there, too.

I will not however discuss more of the end of the world on this post

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Ya I have seen 2012.
Its a fantastic creation.
though a bit long, it has a different style of display.

Almost two more years to wait until this spectacular event will happen. Makes the rest of the wait boring.:)

We're still here... Perhaps there were some buggs when they computed the end of the world date.

Looks like we made it through i see...


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We have a friend who likes to go on about the coming apocalypse. In 2011 it was all about the Book of Revelation. Last year it was all 2012. I finally found a way to shut her up. Last year I asked her if she was convinced the world would end in December of 2012. She said "yes". So I asked her if she would sign a contract whereby she would sell me her house for $10,000 as long as I agreed to sell it back for the same price in January of 2013. She refused. I told her it was a no lose deal. She could take that end-of-the-world cruise and not have to worry about paying for it. She still refused. Didn't hear anything more about it after that.

The reason the Mayan calendar ended when it did is the same reason our calendar ends on December 31.

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LOL. That's telling her to put her money where her mouth is :)

Well, there was this rock in space that misssed us. Not to mention the fiscal cliff. :)

Fiscal cliff, my a$$.

The government kept everyone in fear following WWII with the "Red Menace". The cold war provided the threat to keep the patriotic fires stoked. This allowed HUAC to proceed with a modern version of the Salem witch trials. When the Soviet Union collapsed they needed a new threat. We got it with the "War Against Terrorism". That gave the government carte blanche to pass all kinds of otherwise unconstitutional laws under the guise of the Patriot Act. Now the powers that be can do warrentless wiretaps and detain people indefinitely. So you have lost the right to privacy and due process. But to totally gut the financial system they needed a different kind of threat so they created the fiscal cliff and kept moving the deadline a few weeks at a time. With financial armageddon always right around the corner all kinds of bad legislation is going to be passed. Say goodbye to social security.

Sorry but I've missed the end of the world in 2012 and also in 2001 I think. Anyway I'm waiting for the remake of the end of the world!

Now watch, some idiot is going to predict that Earth's core is going to explode in 2014.

I predict the earth will turn to a lump of cinder in another 2,000,000,000 years when our Sun goes super nova. But of course I could care less by then.

I predict the earth will turn to a lump of cinder in another 2,000,000,000 years when our Sun goes super nova. But of course I could care less by then.

I am sure a few generations wouldn't care either..

Global Warming is also used for all sorts of bad legislation. Another Ice Age will solve this.