I'm sure there must be some smart programmers like you who play this game. WoW is a monster of a program, is it not? I couldn't even begin to plan a game like that with my knowledge.

Anyways, since I get a lot of help on this forum, if any of you ever need help on WoW, let me know. I have a 70 fury warrior on Garithos named Bigmacwindu. I just got the Headless Horseman's Helm last night! Also, if you need any ports, I have a mage named Macespindu on the same server that can port people to SW, IF, or Exodar.

I play on Alliance.

>I'm sure there must be some smart programmers like you who play this game.
Only the kids. The rest of us play Everquest. :D

>WoW is a monster of a program, is it not?
It's probably a monster and a beast. Constant patching, updates, and expansions can wreak havoc with the code base.

I never got into Evercrack because I didn't have internet access when it was in full swing. Plus I was in middle/high school; try convincing my parents to pay for a videogame on a monthly basis. :p

I fell in love with WoWcrack. I rarely buy games anymore; and I used to be a total gamer. It's all because WoWcrack satisfies most of my gaming desires. RPG's have always been my favorite, and the learning curve isn't steep at all (unline Anarchy Online).

The only thing about these mmorpgs is they literally have NO end. Endgame means "Dungeon that takes half a day to complete."

Half a day? Try a few months! Our guild just got al'ar and solarian the other day, working on leo'tharis atm.

No idea who those guys are, lol.

By half a day, I mean instances that take half a day to complete even with a fully geared, fully knowledgeable party/raid.

I may or may not be exaggerating, but take me for instance. I've only run Shadow Labyrinth twice. The first time, it took literally 5 hours, and when we finally got to Murmur, all we did was keep wiping. The second time it took literally 8 hours, and the exact same thing happened when we got to Murmur.

A game should not have dungeons that take a whole work-day to complete. Granted it depends on who's running it, but for there to even be a possibility of an instance taking 8 hours to complete is ridiculous.

You should not take 4-8 hours to down murmur. I have done a heroic sl run in 40 minutes.

Yeah well your guy is probably all cracked out with the good purple stuff. :p The only two epics I have are my new horseman's helm and the Vindicator's Brand (Aldor rep reward). I've had two epics drop for me in my lifetime (other than the helm), and they were both the same thing; some 40+ two handed mace that shot fire. Taran Icebreaker I think. I was already too high level for it to be of any help so I just gave 'em both away.

Yea, I am in full epics :) Healadin Benadarek on blackhand. How about yourself?

Well right now fortunately I am not playing wow. I always get sucked back in by friends for a few months and it gets old and I stop playing. Just no time for it to actually get good items and such. Plus I prefer shooters they're way better and less time consuming.

hey , ive got a qestion - whats a good playable wow ping `i play wow with 250-300 ping theres a little lag, so what should i do , or is that a normal ping ,btw i play on the official bliizard server , thanks

Nope, never played WoW.
I heard MMORPGs can get very addicting.

yes, its very addicting! I had a roommate who played and he was always in his room. sometimes i would forget that he lived with me ;)

i will prefer to make local server...xD

Just noticed yesterday on Yahoo home page of a Paris Hilton like character in world of warcraft =.=