I still get here the same way I do every day - through a bookmark I have with this particular link:


and I realize how poorly I first wrote less than 2 months ago when I first joined and started C++

I've learned a lot, and am still learning. I just wanted to ask if anyone else had those "wow, looking back..." moments when they get here?

Note: I still could use more improvement on my coding technique but I just thought about what Radical Edward told me when he was still around. "Before you know it you'll wonder how you got so good!"

I still feel unlearned, but much better than when I first started.

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I just wanted to ask if anyone else had those "wow, looking back..." moments when they get here?

If that ever stops happening -- learning new things -- programming becomes boring.


I've had lots of those wow moments -- especially after a few drinks of alcohol. Warning! alcohol and coding don't mix :)

Hah! I haven't tried that yet. Sound interesting XD

I do have an amazing appetite for coffee though. I can't stand sleeping. I'd rather code or study sites like MSDN and other languages, or even history of languages from wiki when I get the chance.

Maybe I'll mix some Jack Danny with a White Chocolate, cheesecake and rootbear latte (1.5 shots) and get back to you =P


i don't have any of those moments from this site, but looking at past projects, i definitely do.
even now i still make a ton of projects called <NAME>Test, or <NAME>try, where name is some type of concept or feature of the API i'm testing or trying to figure out, my latest being GIFTEST, trying to see about alpha channels, that one actually help you Alex as well as me.

my bookmark is the home page, when i want to bookmark a site, i go to the home page, mostly to see what else is there before bookmarking.

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