I just got an preowned (original) black Xbox with 1 controller, BLACK (the game) and a one year warranty. - All for £55 (thats $100)

Wow. Blacks graphics is better than that of my pc
And ripping music to HDD and using it in games is excellent!

Also the preowned games market for xbox is great. My local GAME store had the same number of original xbox games as they do for PS2 and games are £5 to £18! :) - half the price of preowned ps2 games

Maybe this is due to the 360 being out

Any useful hints/tips/things i should know about?

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Let's hope it is one of the good ones, there have been an awful lot of units breaking down within months of the warranty expiring if reports reaching me are anything to go by.

I have done the opposite to you, and gone and pre-ordered a PS3 with guaranteed delivery on the 23rd March launch date. My bad. £425 plus a few games, a second controller, the HDMI cable.

Just don't tell the wife...

thats the 360 thats breaking down. i got the old xbox

Ah, mea culpa. I see xbox and automatically think xbox 360 these days.

FWIW you can read about my PS3 pre-ordering fun in my DaniWeb blog.

yeah did you see the PS3 in game? its £400+

I could buy a blazing fast PC upgrade for that

£425 is the launch price, which is silly compared to the US pricing but I can't help myself and ordered one anyway, plus a load of games and stuff :)

i posted this some where else, but how do you install a new hard drive on a soft modded xbox?

i actually don't own an Xbox!, so i'm not the guy to answer, but do ask bennet seeing as he has a modded version ~ send him a private message and he'll get back to ya!

i dont have a modchipped version. mine is just a case mod. Better not get caught mentioning modchips anyway, might get dani into trouble ;)

my bad bennet ~ the case didn't look any different when i saw it......

Its customised so it doesnt overheat and is silent.

BIOS modding is a legal grey area. Best not to talk about it here. Ask on the "xbox-scene" forums or something.

Do you know you can swap out the ATA cables to make it like 3x times faster by the way? Check the net for details

no i didn't know that. i didn't flash the bios, i just installed linux on it, kind of, is that illegal?

against the Xbox EULA and the DMCA. Best not mention that here ;)

The X box does have its good factors. But the Wii multimedia seagate systems offers alot other than your basic systems hard drive. No system that is out now can run on the Wii 4.98 Fibrosis ram. This is what adds to the experience of wii gamma fusion. And with the never before seen hand held wiimotes that have their Bios system with a mulling back up-to-date drivers. So i suggest you get a Wii today if you can find one in stores.

there are no games for the wii, and it's a console for kids, not every one else.


i must agree though, people here dont trust nintendo (the gamecube was a total failure here)

> (the gamecube was a total failure here)

really? how come?

well, the GC did really well in asia (where the xbox failed) but the Xbox (which did well here) failed in asia (mainly as the controllers were too big for thier small hands)

I think its because people here like to play more mature games and want a console thats for more than just games. IMHO if the PS2 didnt have builtin DVD then it would have flopped. (main selling point for us as DVD players then were the same price as the ps2 was)

No-ones buying the PS3 here either, as it is over 300% more than in the US.

Nintendo consoles are never that popular in europe apart from with the 6-12 age range and teenage girls as they are all a bit, well, babyish (most of them are very cartoonish)

nintendo makes good products, but they are mostly for kids. the only ok game for game cube is resident evil, and even that game is kind of crappy.

yeah i know Nintendo kinda ruined there reputation amongst adult gamers by making too many Pokemon and mario games.

mario pwns most things though.
u cant help but laugh at a little fat plumber who is Italian and says "by by"when you close the DS lid when playing the game "new super mario bros". Luigi is funnyer though i think! :)
And Mario says his catchphrase "It's me Mario" when you reopen the DS lid. :)

lol Wario = our old tech teacher

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