What the hell. This started yesterday.

I boot up into regular or safe mode, and my taskbar is COMPLETELY frozen. Tray and start button in all. I can use the desktop, and can CTRL+ALT+DEL and start any task I want.

After 10 minutes...

It's fine.


-- Alx

u must hav got the solution by this time...

if not,
it happened to me also many a times (i found the cause to b my antivirus),

i suggest you to reinstall your antivirus...
n disable deep scanning at starting of windows.

Try disabling any uneccassary programs from start up using ms config

Run > MSConfig

It worked for me when i had problems, found my anti-virus and realplayer were hogging the cpu :S

1) is your windows legal
2) is it activated
3) have you done your updates?

i had this problem with a PC i just reinstalled the OS on. Windows update had like 300 patches (it was the origianal xp retail cd) and it hung for like 40 minutes on boot while it checked for them