Wow, Demi Moore is OLD

Wow, Demi Moore is OLD

Not old, just getting seasoned. But she's still hot.

I was able to hear till E (21.1kHz) and I am quite old. Maybe I really am a mosquito. ;-)

yeah veterans day is on the same day its kind of a combined thing.

Ours is getting like that now as theres only 1 guy left from word war one, so there shifting the focus to the other wars

I remember when Armistice Day was changed to Veteran's Day. People wanted to make V-E Day and V-J Day (ends of the two parts of World War II) into federal holidays too. Businesses complained that there would be too many days off work in a year. So they decided to make Memorial Day (originally Decoration Day - the end of the Civil War) the day to honor those who died in all wars, and Veteran's Day (Originally Armistice Day - the end of World War I) the day to honor all former servicemen.

Later some clowns in Washington decided to make Memorial day a Monday holiday, instead of May 30. Before that, only Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter were always on the same day of the week. They also combined Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday into President's Day, on monday, and moved Columbus Day to monday.

yeah we used to have seperate days for VE and VJ but last year they combined them into one between the dates whic i thaught was a stupid idea