I am trying to figure out what the IT industry needs from a service provider, that does or doesn’t already exist. My partner and I operate a relatively new company located in San Diego. We currently offer remote backup, and hosting… but that stuff seems so standard when you think about the real solutions that IT professionals are looking for on a daily basis. Now I haven’t included our company name because I really don’t want this to look like spam. If someone would like more information I would be happy to send it their way.

Some of the ideas that we have considered are things like:

- Offsite Managed Exchange with a VPN to your local network for integration with your Active Directory / Domain Controller

- Hosted Software platforms of any type such as VOIP, CRM, Accounting, ext.

I don’t want to list to many things, because I really want to hear about the problems that you are having.

Again, please don’t view this as spam I am just trying to get your honest opinions, and will only follow up if requested. So this is your chance to say “If I were a service provider this is what I would offer, because it would really solve my problem.”

Greg Moser

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Hosted remote support software to compete with Logmein helpdesk and . I'm looking at setting up my own DimDim server, they offer the service, but it's open source so they have a public package to host on your own or modify for your own release. If you hosted this on a different price-plan that's more appealing to start-ups I think you could build a good customer base.

Do you offer tech-support/customer service for reseller packages? A lot of start-up Web hosts can't hire on full time customer service, so offering "blind" customer service to their customers helps your customer which in tern helps you.

Thanks for the input. We have started testing our own hosted DimDim service that makes more sense financially for start-ups. We should have the production service up and running in the next week or two. Please send me an e-mail, and if you're interested in being the first to try it out, I'd love the feedback. my e-mail is <snipped>

And feel free to e-mail any other type of provider requests you might have.

Greg Moser

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