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My best is 1 minute 6 seconds. What system do you use? I use vanilla layer by layer but currently learning the petrus system.


I also use a basic layer by layer. I have looked at the Petrus system and definitely see the advantage it has to a layer by layer. I want to learn Fridrich but with so many algorithms I think I will try the Petrus method first.


I do them the geek way. I take them apart and put them back together with everything in the right place :)
Of course I sometimes have parts left over...


Yeah all cubes can be solved in less than 26 moves, but my average is ~130. With the petrus system, you can solve in ~40 moves...


you guys can actually do a rubik cube? i have tried and failed so many times i dont even look at the thing anymore. i can do two or sometimes three of the surfaces but then that is it.

but with all the clues you have given above i am going to do some research and then perhaps i too can do it.


I carry around 4 rubiks cubes in my backpack, since they get confiscated during class... But yeah I normally carry around one with me.

Have you tried cube lube? Does it help?


I have not tried cube lube personally but I have used some cubes that have been lubed. They spin really well but you have to be careful that you don't have a pop while you are solving.


I usually take about a minute and a half if I hurry. But usually I don't hurry, because you can break your cube (permanently) if you do.

I use a method that puts the cube together in the following order:

Top edges
Top corners
Equator edges
Bottom corners
Bottom edges

I also made my own cubes, each with different properties:

- Corner orientation doesn't matter, center orientation does matter

- Edge orientation doesn't matter, center orientation does matter

- Center orientation matters too

- Alphabet cube (there are 26 cubies, so each one gets a letter of the alphabet on all of its faces, and all of them must face the same way on each face)

- 3X3 cube that behaves like a 2X2 cube

- Easy cube (all faces but one are the same color)

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