Has anyone had any experience with Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection software for Mac, or logging into a remote Windows server via a Mac through the internet? The company I work for requires me to be able to log into their server from home by typing in a URL in Internet Explorer (no special software). I am considering buying a late model iMac 20" (PowerPC) that have had a price reduction to replace my aging PC. I want to know if I will still be able to access the server over the internet with Mac OS X. I searched the internet and found Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac and wonder if it might be the answer. Unfortunately I can't 'try before I buy' and was wondering if you had had any experience with remote computing between Mac and PC or knew of someone who had successfully done this. If you need any clarification or more information regarding this question please feel free to ask me.

It works fine.. it's not great, but it works most of the time.

Just make sure you can meet the requirements:

To connect to a Windows-based computer, you need network access and permissions to connect to the computer, and the computer must be running Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services. The following Windows products support Remote Desktop connections:

Windows XP Professional
Windows Server 2003
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
Windows NT® Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition

why should you need special software, when connecting via a browser to a server. remote desktop allows you to operate the romote computer.

I use logmein application just for my windows pc's

nothing special

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