I'm bored.... Anyone know where i can find a replacement LCD screen for a Kodak C743 7.1mp. I picked one up for like $15 but it has a broken LCD....figured it might be something fun to play around with. I'm also open to any project ideas that you might have should i be unable to find a replacement LCD display for it as everything else in the camera works fine.

try and find one cheap on ebay that has a broken lens or something, and combine them

You don't need the screen to use the camera (if it's a halfway decent camera).
In fact using a camera screen for things other than reviewing pictures after you make them is to be discouraged.

thats if it has a viewfinder, cheap ones dont

its really only SLR digital cameras that have a veiwfinder these days as most of the other cameras are designed to be point and shoot. Hence the need for an LCD.

even point and shoot cameras have viewfinders...
They may be small, but that's what you pay for.

Using the screen to compose your photos at arm's length (which is the usual modus operandi I notice people use) leads to terrible pictures.
Poor composition, blurry from camera shake, etc. etc.

my digital camera doesnt

I think this one does have a veiwfinder however i am just going by pictures of the camera for that information. I have bought several point and shoot cameras in the last 12 months and only one of them actually has a veiwfinder on it. People really just prefer to use the LCD when it comes to most cameras and most of the people that make them don't see any point in putting one off if it is never going to be used.

I think ebay is the best place to find such things.

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