Wondered if anyone can help, I bought a noname digicam for my daughter and the software cd that came with it doesn't work, no support from the retailer and of course the manufacturer is unknown I tried searching online for a driver but it only recognizes that it is a "USB camera" so I have no clue what driver I am even looking for. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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no name no numbers ,how are we supposte to help ,post a serial # or model #

There is not a name or # on the camera anywhere!!!

ok when you connect the unit to your computer ,does windows detect that new hardware and look for drivers for it ,if so but the software disk in and let windows search the disk

Windows detects the new hardware as"usb camera" When I try to install the driver on the software disk I end up getting the message "Please insert the next disk which contains file layout.bin." I found a file called layout.bin ina nother folder on the cd and copied it into the temp install folder. Install process was able to continue until another file called setup.skin was missing. It is not on the CD anywhere.
When I let windows search for another driver it doesn't find one.

instead of having windows search the cd ,choose pick from a specific location and browse to the folder where you found the layout.bin ,and maybe windows will pick all what it needs .

There is not a name or # on the camera anywhere!!!

Where do you reside? In the United States, electronic devices of this type must have an FCC ID number. What does the box say? The CD?

Still no luck. I appreciate your help.
There is no number or name on the CD. It just says digital camera and I have searched the camera even the battery compartment and there is no number. I did notice that there is a direct x file on the cd which you can run in English or Japanese so apparently it was manufactured in Japan if that helps at all. We no longer have the packaging but I know there was no name on it either. . I live in Canada. I purchased the camera on ebay and looking at the guy's feedback he has sold tons the same and people don't seem to have any problems with them. It was $32 US so I didn't expect anything too wonderful (it was for my daughter) but it would be nice if I could get it working for her.

any chance in posting the guys ebay store ,might find something there you might be missing .

I just noticed something, I tried to run the direct x from the cd and it said "This program is not designed for use on Windows NT"
I have Windows XP on my computer.

Still get message "Please insert the next disk which contains file layout.bin." no matter how I try to do the installation.
Seller claims problem is my computer.
Thank you for the manufacturer website, I have sent an email, we'll see if they reply. From there I was able to find the model # so I searched driverguide.com with no results but I posted a message, hopefully someone will come up with one. Thanks for all your help.

Your Welcome .some times i get that message and the file its looking for is another folder on the same disk and you have to browse to that folder !
have you tried a search of the cd in start/search and type in layout.bin and search the D:\ if that is the drive letter

No luck. I found a layout.bin file in another folder on the cd and copied it into the temp install folder. Install process was able to continue until another file called setup.skin was missing. It is not on the CD anywhere.

strange ,I wouldn't think the cameras drivers,would have to load skins !!verry strange .

did you contact the store where you bought it??
ask them for a new cd for the drivers.
is the camera compatible with xp??

bought on Ebay ,i read 2 conflicting compatible list one said win98/me/nt,the other said win98/me/nt/2000/xp !

Seller claims it works on XP, says the problem is my computer. I had a friend try it on his XP Home and it didn't work for him either. I asked about a refund, seller says that is not a valid reason for a refund, that it works on XP & sent me the driver in an email, exact same problem.

I have a windows xp and I erased my vp-eye wecam to re-install it and in the the configuration area to add or erase..by mistake I erased the driver for the camera.. so now of course my it doesn't even light up.
How do I get it back? it was something written like camerapc 3..not sure though but by erasing it, my webcam isn't connected. Just like if there is a electricity break-down, your light bulb is okay but you can't light it until the electricity returns.

I hope you understand what I mean. I'm not good in this otherwise I wouldn't have erased that..oh boy...I hope you can help me re-install it in my computor so that my webcam lworks.

iam syed yasir ali . ia hav, one camera .
but its not instal in my computer... my pc camera name . (driverless usb digtal pc-camera)
iam serceahing a driver my camera is runing. this softwear microsoft windows NT,XP,2000,mevista.

plz rely for this email addres ?ya_meadhi2007@hotmail.com.

best regared,
syed yasir ali

If the camera is recognized then you should also see the camera flash card as an external drive. Click to open the files on that drive and you will see a folder of image files and quite possibly an "import pictures" dialogue window. The so-called driver software for cameras is generally just proprietary image editing stuff that I don't use myself as I have Photoshop.

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